The Plan/The Dream

Our plan is to leave Montreal in search of warmer weather since we hate the winter! We're taking the mast down in Sorel, Quebec in order to fit under the bridges and motoring all the way to Catskills, NY to put it back up. We're going along the intercostal waterway through new York, new jersey, the southern states and Carolina's, then to Florida, where will be stopping at Disney world (that was one of my conditions in letting John kidnap me for a year on a boat) and then hop over to the Bahamas and island hop for the next few months, and time permitting, make it as far south as we can get before having to turn around and make our way back up to Canada.


  1. Disney World! I love it that you made it a condition!
    Thanks for letting me know about your blog - and be sure to let us know when you guys get down to Savannah, GA so we can have a drink and a chat.

    1. Jennifer! We just arrived in Charleston so it won't be too long until we're in your neck of the woods, and we'd love to meet up!