About the Lady

My name is Cassandra and I'm a 27 year old fine arts graduate and childcare worker (since what can you really do with a fine arts degree?) from Winnipeg, Manitoba but moved to Montreal, Quebec for school. So how did a prairie girl like me find herself on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean? In Montreal I met a guy named John who had a 35' sailboat named Topanga (not like from Boy Meets World which is what I genuinely thought he named his boat after). Early on in our relationship he asked me if I wanted to sail to the Caribbean with him on his boat. I said sure! Why not?! That sounded like fun but also incredibly unlikely, especially since I had yet to be on a sailboat ever, didn't know how to sail, and didn't even know that people could or did sail to the Caribbean. I guess love will make you do some crazy things since a year and a half later, here I am on a sailboat with my dog Dexter, sailing to the Caribbean, I should really think twice before I agree to something!

My limited sailing experience: I had never sailed before meeting John and was amazed to see how much was in the cabin of his boat, I love miniature things and thought it was so cool. When I was little I used to dream that I would live in an RV (dreaming big, I know), so this is basically like an RV on the water-even better! I sailed a little last summer but usually with a group of people, so I never did that much of it. This past winter John and I chartered a sailboat in the Bahamas to get our feet wet and at the same time did a beginning sailing course and passed the practical part (John also did the intermediate). When we got to land we both did the beginner sailing written test, on which is scored 89% and John only 1% higher than me at 90% (I had to get 1% less than him to make him feel better). This summer we didn't do much sailing at all since we were so busy with work and all the preparations for this voyage, so I need all the luck I can get since I'm really just winging it.

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  1. Sail training - that's a novel idea. ;) Maybe we should look into that - seriously. Before we run over someone. Have fun as you go further south! See ya later - somewhere warm this time!