About The Crew

About the Captain: John grew up sailing every summer with family on lake champlain. A few years ago he had a dream to buy a boat and go sailing around the world. He ended up buying a beautiful 35' sailboat named Topanga. John is a retired engineer and army veteran. No, he's not a 65 year old man (though sometimes I wonder...), he's only 35 silly. He just happened to get lucky, right before he was going to announce to his boss that he was planning on leaving his company sent out an email offering early retirement packages to anyone of any age. This was a sign of the stars aligning and he took it, so now he's retired and loving it. John also has a blog called www.boomtimessailing.com. 

About Dexter: Dexter is a 2 year old mutt (half Shihtzu, part Yorkshire and part schnauzer) who is always dressed formal (who wears a bow-tie on a boat, c'mon Dex, you're making the rest of us look bad!), He is the cuddliest, best tempered dog ever and a great boat dog. Last summer I was very nervous about bringing Dexter aboard Topanga for the first time. Topanga is John's baby, and Dexter's mine and if they didn't work well together we were going to have a problem. Luckily, maybe because Dexter wasn't even a year old (they say it's best to introduce dogs as puppies on boats to help
get their sea legs) they worked out great! We have a little pee pad of AstroTurf that we put on the deck where he does his business (such a feat that he goes on there!). And he stays safe with his little life jacket with a handle to pick him up with just in case he ever falls overboard.

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