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    As the leading private educational service provider in China, New Oriental offers education for a lifetime, teaching skills that give students a crucial competitive advantage in the workplace and help improve their quality of life. Our wide range of educational programs, services and products includes language training, overseas and domestic test preparation courses, educational content and software as well as online education.

    New Oriental has become the most recognized brand in Chinese private education. Based on founder Michael Yu's groundbreaking vision, our innovative and inspirational instruction combines humorous, interactive teaching techniques with traditional Chinese educational values.

    Since our founding in 1993, New Oriental has built a nationwide presence in China. As of August 31, 2022, we had a network of 98 schools, 706* learning centers, 9 bookstores and access to a nationwide network of online and offline bookstores through 196 third-party distributors and over 25,800 teachers in 90 cities.

     * Includes 98 schools