Friday, August 01, 2014

Our Interview With CBC Radio!

Guess What?! 12 hrs after we got back, we were interview by CBC radio (Canadian Broadcasting Company, basically the NPR of Canada for all you Americans). It was pretty cool, especially seeing the behind the scenes and inside the building, and getting to see them do the news after our interview. 

We were interviewed by Pierre Landry on the program called All in a Weekend. Since most people I know aren't up early on a Sunday morning listening to the radio, here's the link to the interview that you can listen to in the comfort of your home, enjoy! | All in a Weekend | Sailing in Love

Here's the link to their Facebook page with our picture.

Behind the scenes
With Pierre Landry
He's got so much to say!!!

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  1. Wonderful news to hear and must be a pleasant and unique experience for you to be there and getting your interview on air. Nice to hear from you on a new platform.