Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Transition Period

It has officially been 3 weeks since we've been back home in Quebec, and it still feels strange. We have been incredibly busy with out of town family visits and weekend outings out of town, but when I find myself with nothing to do for a moment, I honestly feel a little lost. We no longer have the same things motivating us, we aren't living the same kind of life at all. I had not expected such a large adjustment period. I almost feel like I'm in a period of mourning, mourning over the fact that I have to say goodbye to that life and lifestyle and get back to reality (at least for a while).

Don't get me wrong, it's been so nice to see everyone, but we're not back in our old apartments with our favourite and familiar places and spots (we still don't have an apartment!), so we haven't gone back to the life we knew and missed here, it's all very new and different and it's hard. 

I also find myself tongue tied when friends or family members we haven't seen pull out the big money questions the first time you see them like- "what was your favourite place" "what was the scariest part" "what did you like the best", which after a year of amazing places and memories, is hard to answer. I think I'm going to need to sit down and figure out all of my top places and memories so that I'll have them at the ready next time and don't sound like a stuttering fool.

In 2 weeks I will start school and be busy with that, and John will start looking for jobs and we will be more settled. But at the end of the day, I believe we both wish we were still back out there, sailing the beautiful blue, in beautiful weather (What happened to summer? It's freezing, it's fall in August!). Every time we hear something on the radio that reminds us, see a picture or read someones blog who's still out there doing it, we get a little sad, this transitioning back to life on land is proving more challenging then it was transitioning to life on a boat! 

The one question that people often ask that I always have an answer to is "would you ever do it again?", and without having to think twice, I always sincerely answer back, "in a heartbeat".
Got to spend some time with this cutie!
A mini "just for fun" Ice bucket challenge
Just like we're back at sea...

Charing a scoop of ice cream
Look, I made a new friend!

Family reunions 

Clearly life on land is more dangerous than at sea!
Eating my feelings at La Banquise!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Our Interview With CBC Radio!

Guess What?! 12 hrs after we got back, we were interview by CBC radio (Canadian Broadcasting Company, basically the NPR of Canada for all you Americans). It was pretty cool, especially seeing the behind the scenes and inside the building, and getting to see them do the news after our interview. 

We were interviewed by Pierre Landry on the program called All in a Weekend. Since most people I know aren't up early on a Sunday morning listening to the radio, here's the link to the interview that you can listen to in the comfort of your home, enjoy!

CBC.ca | All in a Weekend | Sailing in Love

Here's the link to their Facebook page with our picture.

Behind the scenes
With Pierre Landry
He's got so much to say!!!