Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We're Back!

After we enjoyed our last sunset and evening at anchor, we woke up and got moving at the crack of dawn (I'm talking 5am people!), because we still had 28 miles to go with a very strong current against us. While under way, we hit a milestone of 6000 nautical miles travelled aboard Topanga, which is 6905 miles and 11112 kilometers, not too shabby if I do say so myself!

We finally made it to Montreal! After 11 hours of motoring at a grueling average speed of 2.5 nm/hr, we made it to the Club Nautique Longueuil, where we put our mast back up. We were lucky to have our friends Paul, Patrick, JF, Josh and Johns parents come out and help. Made my job much easier-thanks guys!

After the mast was up and the sails back on, we motored her over to our marina just next door, and celebrated with pizza and champagne! It was so great to see our friends and be back on home turf, though I can already feel myself struggling with some major adjustment-must stay strong!!!
Holy crappers, we did 6000 miles!!!

Not quite as breathtaking as a Caribbean sunset, but I'll take it!
Our happy helpers!

They even had a fireworks show to welcome us back!


  1. Wow it seems like you guys enjoyed alot. And this sunset is really breathtaking. I am so keen of this adventurous life, I hope one day i will able to travel like you guys..!

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