Thursday, July 24, 2014

Down She Goes: De-masting in Catskills

After leaving the city that never sleeps, it was nice to find ourselves in a quiet secluded anchorage again, all alone. We anchored near castle ruins in Cold Springs and had a beautiful peaceful night.

The next day we were happy to have even the slightest bit of wind and got our sails up for what will be the last time for a while as we made our way to Catskills, NY to take down our mast. 
Goodbye NYC!
Back in the quiet, with a beautiful full moon
Our last chance to do wing on wing for a while
Beautiful barges
As we arrived at Hop-O-Nose marina, where we put our mast back up on the way down, our dock neighbours were Katie and Jessie on S/V Louise, whose blog we had seen before. They are two 25 yr olds sailing the great loop (which is the circumnavigation of Eastern North America). We went to the marina pool with them, where we were surrounded by a strange, drunken BBQ that we seemed to have invited ourselves to. It was great to chat with some young people (especially girls! It's so rare I get to hang out with girls!) who love sailing. 

Then came the hard part: we had to take off and fold our giant sails and take off the boom and undo the rigging. We were also very sad to find that our mast supports that John had laboured over before leaving Montreal, that we had left in their storage, were no longer there. Luckily the guys helped make some new ones, and embarrassingly did what took John 2 weeks, in less than 2 hours. But they were not as specifically tailored to Topanga as Johns were. Then down she went with the big crane, it was kinda sad, especially since it means motoring from here on out. Boooorrrrriiiinnngg!
Holy Hannah Montana thats a big sail!
All packed up
That's one big crane!

We were very happy to receive a visit from Johns parents who drove down to see us. They also kindly took our sails back home with them since we have no room for them on the boat. It was so nice to see them, I can't believe the last time I saw them was in Catskills in September. I guess time flies when you're sailing!

"Hey! I told you yesterday-no trespassing!

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