Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dominique Does NYC-On Topanga!

Since Dominique is Topanga's first guest on this trip and this was her first visit to the big apple, we did the tourist thing pretty hardcore. We began with an overwhelming trip to Century 21 and Soho, and John met us for a romantic dinner in Little Italy (she did just get married, so this is like her honeymoon after all!).

I love everything that is so casually happening in this shot
Since we were moored at the 79th St. Boat Basin, which is an amazing location, only 10 mins walk from Central Park, we walked through the park to the MET where we saw the amazing exhibit on fashion icon Charles James and amazing photography exhibit of Gary Winograd as well as checking out some of the permanent exhibit, but we would need a week to see everything in there!
A resemblance of the Dismal Swamp

In case anyone wanted a hot dog...

We made it to Times Square where we were accosted by Hello Kitties, who after grabbing my camera and forcing us into a picture with them, then took off their heads (very traumatising!), and demanded tips, classy. Toto, I don't think we're in Disney World anymore. 

We went to the TKTS booth and got half price tickets for Broadway. We dragged John to see Kinky Boots (which he enjoyed more than he will admit), and also saw Les Mis the next night after a failed and intense experience in the lottery for Hedwig tickets, b$&@*s be crazy! We also had fancy drinks at the very elegant and esteemed Campbell Apartments in Central Station (only 1 drink of course since its crazy expensive).
Just before they essentially tried to rob us and take away all the magic

Broadway Baby!
To top off the trip, we took a walk along the beautiful and ever popular, therefor populated Highline, and also took a trip to the the Top of the Rock, which is the Rockefeller Centre. It was an amazing view, and Dominique heard it was a better view than the Empire State building, since from here you can see the Empire State building. It was pretty spectacular. 

The Highline
As much as I was sad to say goodbye to Dominique as her trip came to an end, my feet were happy since they could no longer walk. After living on a boat for a year, they were not prepared for New York City, and so New York City kicked their ass. But I think we packed enough in, saw the best stuff, and had a lot of fun!

Before John and I left NYC, we reconnected with our friends Caroline and Logan who we met early on in the trip in North Carolina. They run an impressive company called Atlantic Yachting that does sailing camp and charters out of the 79th St. Boat Basin, and it was great to see them again and catch up, and see their kids on the water, pretty much the best job ever!

We had a blast in NYC, but now need about a week to recover, but no time for that, onward and upward we go!


79th St Boat Basin
The night lights

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  1. Sad to see you're almost home.. you will be missed in ours. We have been following Topanga since the beginning, you made us laugh, worry and let us be a part of your beautiful adventure through your blogs. Thank you for all that. You are a very nice young couple, however our heart goes to Dexter (we're in love!). Hope to see you again and our best to the three of you :)
    Dyanne and husband .. a french quebecois couple (yes, they're everywhere :)))

    This comment sent to "His" as well...