Monday, June 23, 2014

Virginia is for Lovers

After the Dismal Swamp, we stopped in Portsmouth, Virginia, where we happily tied up at one of their free docks. They have 2 separate semi-circle shaped docks, that each have room for about 10 boats that are free! Nothing we love better than a good free dock!

Disclaimer, there were a lot of homeless people by the free docks, completely harmless, if not entertaining (one guy actually had a boom box, blasting some great 90's hits and all of Celine Dions greatest), and they looovvved Dexter. One guy who came up to us looked exactly like Cosby, so I just had to give him a dollar. When his buddy saw him talking to us by the boat he asked "hey man, you goin' sailing?!", and they thought that was pretty hilarious, I thought it was pretty hilarious that him and John had a similar outfit on-shores, socks and shoes and no shirt-besties!

We took the water taxi/ferry across to Norfolk, VA and went out on the town with Pierre-Luc and Isabelle for their anniversary. The next morning John got me out of bed by bribing me with McDonalds breakfast (I've been told I talk a lot about my love for egg mcmuffins, so I assume no more needs to be said-but for the record, this is our first time back there in many months!). It was definitely a colourful crowd in that McDoncalds, there was a  woman from the church yelling at every staff member to get her her chicken and egg mcmuffin (those exist?!), this was a Sunday morning, clearly she was just getting fired up for a passionate sermon.
If Virginia is for lovers, why is the word virgin in it?
Topanga tied up
Oceane on the other side
On the ferry
Portsmouth is a cute charming town, with lots a beautiful historic houses, and a pretty vibrant arts scene. We went to the historic Commodore Theatre, which is the oldest functioning movie theatre in the US. You sit down at tables and can order dinner, snacks, even booze. You pick up the phone that's on every table and call to place your order. It was a pretty neat experience.

What the...?

Check out the sexy hoola lady!

The next day, after preparing some food for our last big ocean passage, we set sail again, passing many giant navy ships. We had a smooth 52 hr (271 nautical miles) passage, full of napping, reading, movie watching, and even cuddling in the cockpit (it gets so cold at night!), and made it all the way to Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Our original plan was to stop in Cape May, and then go to Sandy Hook from there, but the weather was so great we decided to keep going.
Hey neighbour!

Look who decided the comfiest spot was on my head
Our last sunset on the open ocean

Yes, it was chilly enough for booties
The next morning OcĂ©ane came over, and I made a birthday breakfast for Pierre-Luc. We shared our last meal with them before parting ways. They are going to keep going, while we're going to stop in Long Island to visit with Johns family, and also fly to Winnipeg to see mine before we continue back to Montreal. Luckily we live in the same province so this isn't really goodbye! 
Happy birthday!

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