Wednesday, June 04, 2014

On the Road, Ahem, I Mean Ground, Again

We got up really early (I'm talking 5am) to get the dinghy on deck and be on our way in order to make it to Georgetown, SC before dark and to make it past a shallow part before low tide via the Inter-coastal Waterway. Less than 2 hrs in, we are being extra careful around the area that we know has a lot of shoaling (on the way down we saw a boat get stuck in that spot), Oceane makes it over and we go to follow suit, and then we see that we're not moving anymore, and that despite all our precautions, we have run aground. Again. We suck.
The start of what we thought would be an uneventful day
We did all that we could to get un-stuck, but we weren't going anywhere. We asked a passing motor boat to give us a huge wake to try to bump us off. Several tries later, we haven't move. They offer to tow us so we try giving them a line, but they come a bit too close and I hear out anchor clang loudly into their boat-ouch. We manage to give them a line and they try to tow us, but our line snaps. We're not going anywhere.
The boat trying to help us while actually crashing into us
So we succumb and call TowBoat US, by the time they get to us the tide has dropped a bit lower and we are now 15 degrees heeled over in the middle of a narrow busy channel. He gives us a line, and he pull and pulls and pulls some more, but we are stuck in there good. Now we are 30 degrees heeled over (trying to take a nap at this angle I discovered is painful, and not worth it) and he says there's not much to do but to wait for the tide to rise, and that he'll come back for us at 13:30-5 hrs later. Awesome.
Our first meeting with TowBoat US
Breaking the news to us that we're gonna be here for a while
Ay least we have beautiful scenery
6 hrs at this angle
Having a blast
At least there were dolphins!!!
I'm not sure if I mentioned that it is Memorial Day weekend, which in the US seems to signify the start of the summer boating and partying season. So basically the traffic is crazy with boats jam packed of people drinking and partying in power boats, so naturally they're going pretty fast, and we just get wake after wake and are just feeling our poor keel bang and bang the bottom. And every boat that goes by is taking pictures of us, some people are even taking videos of us with their iPads-and their not taking pictures of Dexter since he's adorable and hilarious as is often the case with passing boats, because Dexter is downstairs attempting to deal with the 30 degree angle, trying to walk without sliding-no they are taking pictures of us because we look pretty ridiculous. If we weren't I the middle of the ICW, most people would probably assume we were a derelict boat.
What we were surrounded with after a Coast Guard got stuck next to us and revved his engine enough to break free, thanks for that
Trying to cope with the angle
5 hrs later the tide is finally starting to rise, and our good friends from TowBoat US come back to rescue us. After a couple tries they just barely manage to get us off and said they wouldn't have been able to get us off a minute earlier. TowBoat US said that they call that spot their gold mine since half their customers call from there, so we shouldn't feel bad. Great. I feel much better.
So with half a day lost we motor until the sun gets low and anchor in a little quiet creek all by ourselves, and are thankful that the day is over.
On the road again
Ah the confederate flag
The end

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