Saturday, June 07, 2014

I Would Sail 5000 Miles, and I Would Sail 500 More!

After recovering from our day of fun on the ground of the ICW, we made a jump of about 200 miles around Cape Fear and into Beaufort, North Carolina. Since we lost so much time the day before getting stuck, we had a full day of motoring in the Inter-coastal before getting to the inlet in George Town, SC. Took us a while to get out of it too since we had a current of 2.5 knots going against us, so we were going in slow motion, I think we may have even been going backwards at one point.

We had pretty great weather for the most part, so much so that John slept through the entire part of going around Cape Fear, which can be a little nerve racking because you have to go very far out into the ocean (around 20 nautical miles offshore), and we're used to staying pretty close to the shoreline. We also hit 5000 miles on the odometer, whoo!

You can see he's been working hard

Cape Fear-to think they made a scary movie called this?
Loud and proud
Just look at our 5000 miles, not our average speed please!
The wind did pick up a lot in the evening though, and we were actually going too fast (which rarely happens, ok, never happens), and we didn't want to get into Beaufort in the dark, but more importantly, wanted to get in at slack tide to avoid having the current against us. Even with reefing the main sail, taking in the front sail completely and shutting the engine off, we still got there to early. We had strong wind, a current against us, and it was completely dark. We were rocking back and forth really hard, and I had to go up on the bow with the spotlight since not all of the markers were lit. As I was scanning our surroundings with the spotlight, I did come upon one of the wild horses up for a midnight snack!

Luckily we made it in safely and dropped anchor at 3am, did a quick load of laundry in the morning in Beaufort, before heading back out around 1pm for a short day in the ICW. We were happy not to be in the ocean, even in the ICW we had 30 knot winds and were heeled over 30 degrees!

We ended up in the cute little town of Oriental, where we tied up at a free dock, luckily with some help, because it was a tight squeeze, with not so great pilings in strong winds.

We enjoyed a quick tour of the town (we were disappointed not to find any Chinese restaurants in Oriental) and drink at the tiki bar, before making it back in time for a storm. 

Not the most romantic, but better than nothing!
Something smelled good on the fishing boat
We love free docks!
Would die for one of these!
Looks like I'm late!
Is it just me, or is this kind of offensive?

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