Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Do, Winnipeg!

We flew to Winnipeg, Manitoba (my hometown), and I took Dexter with me. I stupidly forgot to bring his papers with me, but was luckily let through customs with a slap on the wrist since "he looks like he's well taken care of", but I think it was his fancy tie that he was wearing that let him through. I've travelled halfway across the world with these papers, and couldn't bring them when I actually needed them!

Just a warning, but the rest of this post is very much about my friends wedding. I realize this is a sailing blog, and this has very little to do about sailing, but it's my blog so I can do what I like!

One of my closest friends Dominique just got married (one of the reasons we are here in Winnipeg), at Victoria Beach, just out of the city. We came all the way to Winnipeg, only to go back to the beach! John and I arrived the night before and got the pleasure of spending an evening alone with Dominique and Danny. I have to say that Dominique and Danny are some of our friends who are the most interested in what we're doing, and actually in the sailing aspect as well, not just the traveling. We had the pleasure of spending the night before the wedding with them, eating perogies, drinking wine and practicing Dominique's hair and makeup for the wedding!
The boys helping out while we practice hair and makeup!
The practice run the night before

It was a beautiful, simple, and as John calls it, frugal wedding. The day of the wedding, I did her hair and makeup, and the father of the groom (actually Dominique and mines high school art teacher!) married them. She did all the decorating and planning herself, her brother even built a photo booth! 

We had so much fun and we even got a shout out in Dominique's mothers speech, thanking people for traveling from near and far-even from a sailboat in the Bahamas (at least I'm assuming that she was referring to us!), my face got beet red! It was so great to see and catch up with people, and find out that old friends are actually following the blog (thanks guys!). Though I'm finding it difficult at times to answer people's questions about the trip. People ask "what was your favourite place?" "what was the scariest thing that happened?", and it's not that easy to answer, I actually find it a bit overwhelming, since it wasn't a week vacation, or even a month of traveling, it's a year of something that still feels kind of new to me and is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I think I need to reflect and actually write some answers down so I'm prepared for when we're back on land full time, otherwise I just start stuttering, and mumble something incomprehensible until the subject is changed. I'll work on that.
So beautiful!
The beautiful beach ceremony

Me & the groom

And the party begins! John's throwin' it down on the dance floor!

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  1. Glad to hear about your wonderful trip to your hometown Winnipeg.I am so in love with your hairstyle and want to replicate it on myself.