Monday, June 16, 2014

Attack of the 100000 Bugs

After having some pretty rough weather, strong winds, big waves, and rain, with crab pots everywhere (we had to put the engine into neutral sometimes when we came a bit too close to them to make sure they didn't catch in the propeller), and managed to outrun a storm that was coming behind us only to see one up ahead, we opted for the Dismal Swamp route instead of the Virginia Cut, because the anchorage was closer and it was getting dark, and the weather was too rough (I thought the ICW was supposed to be pretty chill!). The water was also an incredible disgusting (or delicious-depending if your cup is half full) colour, that looked exactly like a lake of Coca Cola! Mmmmmm.

Mmmm Coca Cola water

I thought the ICW was supposed to be calm!
Dexter's ready to bring out the front sail!
It's Mexican night!

Topanga in the Dismal Swamp

How about pulling the rope instead of just lying on it? 

At night, as I was cooking dinner, I heard a very loud buzzing noise. I took a quick peak outside, only to see swarm of bugs so big, and their noise so loud, I immediately felt like I was in a horror film. Everything that was white (which is almost everything on a boat), was so completely coated in bugs, there was no white left. The best part was that Dexter was still outside, and was so freaked out, he wouldn't come. So yours truly had to build up the courage to go out into the swarm to retrieve him (isn't that what I have a boyfriend for???).  30 minutes later, I built up the courage, covered myself up as much as possible, and went out into the battlefield. The door was open for no more than 5 seconds to let me out, but we still had hundreds get into the boat. When I made it back in, after experiencing a real life nightmare, I went to town on those SOB's. It was a massacre, but I got every last one of them. All the while, John was enjoying a relaxing read on the couch.

The next day, the outside of our boat was covered in carcasses, and of course, many still struggling to survive. Also, we believe they spent the night procreating, so there were many newbies coming along for a ride. They also left little green specs all over the boat for me to clean, which I'll let you use your imagination into what that might have been. All in all, thanks for the visit guys, it's been real.
The morning after the attack

The next day we had our first encounter with a lock since 9 months. The second we tied up, Dexter jumped off the boat, spotting the Lock-master's (yes, that's what they're really called) dog. Luckily this Lock-master was very nice and didn't mind, but did warn that his dog drools like crazy...which was not an exaggeration. He also took Isabelle's conch and played it, he was amazing, able to play different notes and everything.

Loving the locks

Topanga was here!

Dexter's drooling friend

We made it to the Dismal Swamp Visitors Centre and rafted up to Océane. We explored, a bit, saw some deer, who let me get very close to them, enjoyed the little exhibit they had, and enjoyed another communal dinner together! We love Mexican!

Topanga and Oceane rafted up together

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  1. Are you still Loving it?
    I was hoping to do this run on the ICW
    is it that we are in summer, that makes it so horrible?