Monday, May 19, 2014

Party Time in Freeport

I'm a bit behind on the blog since we've been so busy, but I need to take the time to write about Freeport, since it was our last stop in the Bahamas, and we had so much fun there. Very unlike most of the Bahamas, it is quite developed, and is a big vacation destination, being so close to the US. After a pretty smooth 30 hr passage from Eleuthera to Freeport, we chose to stay at the Ocean Reef Marina & Resort (there are no anchorages), the first marina we've stayed at in the Bahamas. A nice hotel with 2 pools, restaurant and bars, activities, and caters to cruisers.

I feel like theres a story behind this collage...
It's never too early for cuddle time
We arrived mid afternoon, and met some people at the resort who convinced us to go out to the Fishfry with everyone. We thought we'd eat there and head home since we were pretty pooped from the long passage. We didn't get home until 2am. Turns out, a couple rum punches can do wonders to re-energize you! We had a great time dancing, and as the night grew later, more locals showed up, and then it was really a party!
Making up some conch salad, mmm
We've got our dancin' shoes on!
New friends
The next night, we thought we would take it easy. We were wrong. We ended up hitchhiking our way to the $2 Bar (yes that's the real name of the bar) and were picked up by Charelle, a woman driving with a glass of red wine in one hand (yes, not a cup, and actual large wine glass of red wine) and the other on the wheel. Luckily we didn't have too far to go. She happened to work at the new resort Memories and convinced us to let a limo pick us up in the morning for a free day at the resort.

At the $2 Bar, we were only on our second round of drinks when the owner brought out the karaoke. This entire trip we have always missed the karaoke night everywhere we went, and so this was our night. Also, no one else wanted to sing. I agreed to sing one song, and then the guy kept playing songs, asking if I knew it, so I pretty much sang the entire night (with some Bahamian sistas joining me), the owner started calling me the diva, which I believe (at least I'm choosing to believe) he meant  as a compliment. Basically, I had so much fun, and even got John on the mic.

But the fun doesn't end there. Kevin, one of the cruisers who docks his boat there half the year, offered to dinghy us back. Looking back now it would probably have been safer to get a ride back with Charelle after her second glass of wine, but we didn't have that insight at that moment. While attempting to get into his dinghy (from the very stable dock I might add) Kevin managed to fall in the water. He then tried to deny that he had fallen, but after 10 mins of struggling to get out of the water and into the dinghy finally admitted that "yeah, he may have fallen into the water". Luckily we were in a very calm canal and made it home more or less safe and sound. But I think we might be partied out, at least for a little while.

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