Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

While in Spanish Wells, we wanted to visit Harbour Island (also technically part of Eleuthera), which is dubbed "Briland" (though I can't find anywhere that explains why or what that means). It is the former capital of the Bahamas and is known to be somewhat more glamorous, and celebrity sightings aren't uncommon, though are probably somewhat less these days as it was voted "the best island in the Caribbean" in 2005 (which was 9 years ago) it seems they haven't kept up the town as much lately.

We were trying to figure out the best way to get there, and opted for the cheaper, but more complicated way since the direct ferry cost about $50 per person, one way. We took our dinghy across to Eleuthera and tied up at the dock at Jeans liquor. We then hitchhiked a ride in two different vehicles (one of the guys who gave us a ride does the canvas work for Leni Kravitz-who has a place on the island). Thanks to the kindness of strangers we made it to Three Islands Dock where we took the water taxi for $5/per person that got us to Harbour Island.

A note about hitchhiking: I cannot say I have done a lot of hitchhiking in my life, but am enjoying my experiences with it in the Bahamas. I feel quite safe doing it here, I definitely feel safer doing it here than I would in Canada and the US!

We walked along the 3 mile long beautiful pink sand beach (I would say more pinkish than pink), and decided to rent a golf cart to better cover the island without giving Dexter or us heat stroke. We made a deal with a guy for $30, and I got him to include 2 cold Kalik beers (did I mention it was crazy hot?). His buddy was impressed with my negotiating skills and said "now that's some deal!".

 Someone's making himself comfortable!
Action shot
We drove all around the island (trying to remember to drive on the left side!), it was reminiscent of a New England Town, with colourful houses and English rose bushes. It was quite busy and very unlike the islands we were used to in the Bahamas, it was also pretty pricy. 
Yep, this is the name of their boat

Oh Yeah!
I keep getting confused about the time zone, but now I get it!

Dexter lovin' the haunted house 

In this collage of license plates I was surprised to find 3 Manitoba plates (old and new ones) and only 1 from Quebec!

My favourite spot was the "Lone Tree" which locals pronounce "lon-ee". It is said to have been washed ashore over a decade ago by hurricane Andrew, and somehow landed in an upright position, and while it is said it moves a bit in the wind and as the tide changes, it has not been moved by any of the hurricanes or storms in the past 10 years.

It is really beautiful and unlike anything we've ever seen, like a giant piece of driftwood, and has apparently been used in many a photo shoot, so we thought we would have one ourselves! You can see Dexter is now much more comfortable in the water these days, at least when he's hot enough!


Yep, this is really happening

We enjoyed our time exploring and can see, with it's many resorts and long beautiful beach, why it is a popular vacation spot.