Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fernandina to Charleston

We took the ocean from St. Augustine instead of the ICW but made a pit stop in Fernandina Beach to wait a day for better weather and a bit more wind in order to make a big jump to Charleston. Fernandina was nicer and far more charming than we expected (especially since its known for uts foul smelling paper mill),with beautiful old buildings, cute boutiques and antique shops, and a delicious burger joint called Tastys, which I recommend if you're near (have the fresh tuna burger).
There are forts everywhere!
I mistook this for an original roller coaster 
The scenery

Love it

Along the water we saw a little otter poke his head out, he was so cute! I asked the guy in the fish shop how we could see them again, and he snuck me a fish to feed them. Clearly I have not had much experience feeding otters, and when I threw it in the water, we watched it quickly sink to the bottom with no one coming to eat it, not even a bird. The little boy next to us said he named one of the otters Melvin, and he likes fish skin-I think I was only supposed to give pieces of the fish, not the whole thing...not sure, but the little boy was far more knowledgable than I.

The little boy and his friend 

The next morning we set out for the ocean, and when we were far from land we were visited by a little birdie. You may recall Petey who was the bird who came aboard on our way down, this little guy looked like him but a bit smaller. I'd like to think it was Petey Jr. and he was told that if he ever got too tired, the nice people on Topanga would happily give him a lift. Poor guy could barely flap his wings anymore he was so pooped. 

I think he's going to be a sailor when he grows up!
We had a smooth passage, though the wind picked up a lot a the end and we were flying (8.5 knots!). The wind was so strong we couldn't get the front sail in until we were in the protection of the Charleston harbour. 170 nautical miles later, we were anchored in Charleston (we did not anchor in the same anchorage as we did on the way down, that landed us very much on the ground), and taking a break for a few days.

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  1. Sorry we missed you on the way up - but I have to say, the ocean was probably the good way to go! And I love both Fernandina and Charleston. Have fun and be safe on your return to the cold, cold north. ;)