Friday, May 09, 2014

Farewell Friends and Hello Eleuthera

Before leaving George Town and saying goodbye to our visitors Paul and Marcy, we did a big re-provisioning at Exuma Markets, which is the Mecca of grocery stores in the Bahamas. Every time I say we need to get groceries, John says "didn't we just get groceries?", not realising that A) several weeks have past B) have had guests over and made big dinners or C) that the only groceries we have been able to get over the past weeks/months are tomatoes and potatoes. So I just ignore him and go get groceries anyways, though sometimes I consider just not getting groceries for a while and see if he enjoys eating beans out of the can for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We hadn't done a real grocery shop since Puerto Rico, when you're totally out of Kraft Dinner, and all your canned goods, that's when you know you need to take action. Yes, I'm done ranting.
Has anyone seen Dexter?
There he is!
Hot Dog
Paul and John are quite similar, both engineers, both love sailing and both are not very good at relaxing. So Marcy and I left them alone to do boat stuff together while we relaxed and sipped rum punch, it's rare that I can do that without feeling someone getting restless next to me! John also took Paul spear fishing and he caught himself a lobster which we cooked on the BBQ for a snack! But I must thank Paul for helping John fix the toilet, though now it is now going into the holding tank instead of into the ocean, and apparently can't be switched, so I am still resolved to peeing in a cup, since there is a serious lack of pump outs here :(

Feeding the rays
Theyre so soft underneath and rough on top
The big catch of the day
Dexter encounters his first of many lobster friends
A final dinner with friends
We met up with Laura who was crewing for the boat Lime'n again, and all went to the Fishfry, clearly more of a local place, with delicious food (though they didn't have any fish...I was confused...). It was a great way to finish off a great visit, and then we were off on a 30 hr passage to Spanish  Wells, Eleuthera.
Fish fry'n it up!

We wanted to take one of the 9 mooring balls here in Spanish Wells, but they are otherwise occupied, so we have anchored on the east side of Meeks Patch, which is a little far from the town, but a pretty calm anchorage off the beach. We're going to explore Eleuthera a little before continuing on-it's already May!

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