Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dolphin Kisses, Crossing the Gulf Stream and Leaving Paradise

The following day we did indeed get picked up in a limo and taken to the resort where we got a free breakfast and were given the "amazing opportunity" to become members for the small price of $2600, hmmm lemme think about that one. But we enjoyed all the free food and drinks that we could.
Checking out the resort
No idea why the Bernstein Bears were there
The marketplace across the street
I can't tell you the last time I saw a pay phone, I think they got lonely and all came here
We also did a dolphin encounter. We haven't done any sort of tour or activity during this trip, and while I would prefer to learn to scuba dive, it's very pricey and takes several days, and this was our last day in the Bahamas! I also have mixed feelings about dolphins in captivity, but this company takes them out into the open ocean, into their natural environment, which made me feel a bit better about it, but truthfully, I will never be able to actually encounter a dolphin in the wild (they keep running away when I jump in after them, and they're much faster than me!), and I have always wanted to be up close and personal with them.

It was pretty amazing, these are incredibly intelligent creatures (they can even say their name!), we got to go in the water with them, do a few tricks, rubbed their tummies, and got hugs and lots of kisses. It's amazing what they can do, and I'm happy I got the chance to do this, I think even John is too.
How do they do it?!

Lots of kisses!!!
We got to see some beautiful birds too!

We then prepared for our big crossing of the Gulf Stream. We thought we would have some pretty strong winds, but they left a little to be desired so we unfortunately had to motor sail for almost half of the journey. But once we made our way into the current of the Gulf Stream we were flying, going up to 10.5 knots! Wheee! We crossed from Freeport and entered the US in Ft. Pierce. As we were getting close to the US I saw the water change from a beautiful Turquoise to a dark murky green, and felt so depressed. Leaving paradise is not easy!

Since it was still early enough, we decided to begin our journey back into the Intercoastal Waterway to Vero Beach and meet up with our old buddy boat OcĂ©ane. We went through our first bridge that had to open for us, and it brought us back to 5 months ago, and the many many bridges. 

We made it to Vero Beach, and are somewhat depressed to be in water that you can't see to the bottom of, but still looking forward to seeing more on the way back up. 
We're pretty much a speed boat
Back in the ICW

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