Friday, May 02, 2014

Clarence Town: Get Your Mutton Here!

Back in the beautiful Turquoise water of the Bahamas, we anchored in Clarence Town, and were able to get a Batelco card (their phone company), and got Internet back in our lives, and back to the land of the living. Except that it was Easter weekend so everything was closed! So we took the time to go to the beach and do haircuts with my new cordless clippers. Johns actually worked out well, Dexters not so much-the clippers died halfway through so he is shaved  on his back and head, and much fluffier on his legs and behind-it's the latest craze.

We went snorkeling and tried to catch up to some of the many turtles, but they're so fast! I thought turtles were supposed to be slow...but these guys dart around faster than anything else in the ocean. But they kept poking their heads out of the water to check out what was going on, so cute. 

Clarence Town is apparently known for their mutton and two beautiful churches. There are sheep and goats all over the place. It doesn't appear that they are owned by anyone, I came across a group of them eating the grass of someone's home by the town dock. They also apparently have a mutton festival here!

It had been about 2 weeks since I had had a real shower (except with our solar shower, which now has a leak), and we were almost all out of water, and I was feeling icky. Also, our toilet pump is no longer pumping down, making the toilet unusable, so John fashioned a sort of bucket substitute that I don't even want to go into. Needless to say, I am back to peeing in a cup. It had also rained a lot and everything felt damp (which is one of my biggest pet peeves!) so I did a whole bunch of laundry, and after the marina refused to let me use their showers, even if I paid, which resulted in me taking a shower in the sink in their bathroom, I felt much better. 

We met another young couple who were staying at the marina in their monster of an 85 foot motor boat called Pendana. They own the company Metal Shark (which supplies boats to the Navy) and have travelled all over for the past few years (they do go a lot faster), and the inside of their boat was nice than any condo I have ever seen-the appliances alone, they had a double oven! After Dexter had a bit of a showdown with their cats, we went out for a delicious dinner at Rowdy Boys. These were also the kind people who helped us out after the blue hole dinghy incident.

Before we left we met Laura who is crewing on the boat Lime'n for 3 weeks. She wants to be a captain and is getting experience crewing on other peoples boats through the website OPP. It's pretty cool and rare to meet a girl my age doing this, let alone wanting to be a captain!

We stayed a couple days longer than we had planned with the dinghy accident and the fact that there was zero wind, but now need to book it over to George Town to meet friends who are coming to visit!
A flying fish flew onto our deck-a new friend for Dexter!

Finally! I haven't been able to find good livestock anywhere!

Some of the finest mutton in the Bahamas!
He does not look happy with me...

A polar bear, farmer, islander, insurer, and indigenous person-what a combo of party people!

John happy after his new haircut-Dexter, a little less so...
The beautiful Pendana

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