Sunday, May 04, 2014

Back in Chicken Harbour

We had a great overnight passage from Clarence Town to George Town that took about 18 hrs to do 70 miles-though we could've gotten there earlier, we were going quite fast with our sails and no engine, but pulled in the front sail in order to go slower since we didn't want to get there before sunrise. We had a double movie night in the cockpit while underway, we even made Jiffy Pop to go along with it! And we reached 4000 nautical miles on the odometer!

We anchored in a very busy anchorage (dubbed chicken harbour because many people never go past George Town to the slightly rougher passages). It was especially busy since it was regatta time! Its the National Family Island Regatta-not to be confused with the cruisers regatta, the National Family one is for Bahamians. And the race and boats are quite different. They are small sailboats/dinghies with no engine and with a plank that the crew will sit on to get the boat the heel more, it's pretty cool to see.

In town there was a whole street that had been transformed, and was full of little huts and bars, that popped up out of nowhere and weren't there when we were here last. Since the cruising season is almost done, there weren't as many cruisers there, it was a nice change to see more locals than cruisers.

Someone's comfy!
Best friends
Enjoying the smooth sailing
Looking out longingly for land
We've sailed 4000 miles!!

All the shacks that popped up outta nowhere

Racing Bahamian style
A big boat taking all the little boats home
         Dexter watching the show, and our delicious dinner!

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