Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Fantastic Friendly Fun Visit in George Town

We had our first visitors! (other than my parents of course). Our friends Paul and Marcy came to George Town, though Paul was surprising Marcy so she had no idea where she was going or that she was visiting us. They have a small sailboat as well, and I think Paul is hoping to convince Marcy to do what we're doing. We met in Regatta Park, and when I saw her she looked very confused, she said she thought she saw someone who looked like me but certainly wasn't expecting it to be me! Who doesn't love a good surprise!

We enjoyed all the celebrating in regatta park, and Marcy and Paul had their first taste of rum punch and conch fritters. We went to watch the Junkanoo parade with the school band and then the Nassau police band (which are apparently known world wide and have performed for the queen!). They were amazing! They were very serious, and then would all of a sudden break out into dance, winding their hips, talk about spunk!

Our friends were staying at the Palm Bay Beach Club, and were upgraded to a a bigger two bedroom villa, and there was a little dock, so we dinghied over there and the luxury of sleeping in a big bed that didn't move! I can't count how many months it's been! It was so big, John and I couldn't find each other in it! We also enjoyed our first real shower since the Dominican Republic (probably something I shouldn't make public...).

Different races?

This girl took her job very seriously
These girls had spunk!

New friends
A busy day at the dinghy dock
Out for dinner

We took them up monument hill (not sure who the monument is for, but I'm assuming for Columbus, they always are), and the view was beautiful. Unfortunately it also showed me how out of shape I am, especially compared to Marcy who's been training for a marathon. Even Dexter was so tired and hot that he just stopped halfway through to take a quick lie down.Since it was so hot, we went right into the water after. Dexter must either be finally linking the fact that water cools him down, or just has started to like it, because we left him on shore, and he swam all the way out to us (and we were quite far), all on his own accord! I was so proud! Of course this happens at the end when we're almost back in the States!
Climbing monument
A view from the top

Feeling affectionate


We took them to Volleyball beach, where the party was happening (it was their weekly Sunday pig roast after all!). I met up with Mike, a guy I had met the day before at regatta park who had insisted I do a shot of patron with him. Not only did he buy me many drinks, he also bought John, Paul and Marcy drinks all night. Needless to say, we were all having a very good time (though I think Dexter was the star of the show!). Mike and his friends realised they missed the last ferry back to George Town so John took him and his friends (7 ppl in the dinghy, and not everyone was so "petite") over, probably not the safest thing in the world...meanwhile, I have a vague recollection of making dinner for our guests on board with the few things I had that could go on the BBQ (we were still our of propane!). We slept aboard Topanga, and I think everyone had a pretty sound sleep!
Taking a moment to appreciate nature

Hanging out at the Chat n' Chill
Making friends

Great day!
The next day, while Paul, who's a chemical engineer, and a big do-it-yourselfer helped John with the generator (yes it now has yet another problem), the toilet and running lights, I took Marcy to town, where we got fish and lobster from Tranee, who runs the hair salon, reminiscent of the movie Beauty Shop, full of weaves, but also with fish. This is what I love about the Bahamas, all the shops are so versatile, there never just for 1 purpose-a hair salon and fishery, all in one! 

We went back to their villa where they had a big BBQ, and had a delicious dinner in good company!

Someone was tired

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