Friday, April 04, 2014

We Made it to the Virgins! Well, kind of...

We made it to Vieques after a 16 hr overnight passage. Vieques is part of the Spanish Virgin Islands (but taken over by Puerto Rico), so we have officially touch Virgin Island soil (or water!). As the sun rose we noticed that we were trailing something behind us, and was worried it was caught in our propeller. Luckily it was only on our keel, and it was a NOA weather balloon that they use for research, and request that you send it back to them. So thanks NOA, for almost screwing up our propeller! Our friends Sherrie, Jack and Toby (the dog) on Taiga, who were also leaving Salinas for Vieques the same night, but who left much later and made it there much earlier, and probably had a much smoother ride (have I mentioned I love catamarans?), were already anchored in Ensenada Honda (which essentially means sling shot cove) when we arrived. They were very kind as to invited us over for a delicious home cooked breakfast, which was so welcomed after the long night we had.

We were anchored in sea grass, which our Bruce anchor is known not to hold well in, and we re-anchored just to be safe. The boat that had almost dragged into us in Ponce was anchored in front of us, which made us a little weary, but thankfully nobody moved.

We dinghied over to the beach, and Dexter went crazy. He ran up and down the beach like his life depended on it. If he saw a dog (or a shape that looked like it could be a dog), he would book it to then very end of the long beach. I would start making my way to go drag him away from the poor unsuspecting animal he was most likely humping (or as my niece would say-going on a piggy back ride), and just as I would be 1 minute from finally getting there, he would lose interest and run back the other way.   There were also guys walking down the beach on a horse at any given time, and Dexter would try chasing after the horses. Needless to say I got my exercise for the day, as did he.

The water here is a beautiful clear blue colour, and it is so warm, its like sitting in a bath.  And it is hot out! I think we have finally gotten far enough south that it finally stays warm in the evenings (which I love-I hate going out when it's hot, but having to bring a jacket because it cools downs so much in the evenings). 

We finished off the day with another delicious meal on Taiga, and (my favourite part), board games!
The NOA weather balloon
Someone found a good shady spot
A baby spiny lobster (he is sadly no longer with us)

Running free!
Some wild horses having a snack

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