Sunday, April 06, 2014

Vieques pt 2

We have really enjoyed the time we've spent at Vieques, especially the time spent with Jack and Sherrie on Taiga. They have had such an interesting life, and have so much experience, that we're trying to soak up as much of their knowledge as possible.

They're from Alaska, where they lived in the bush (which I think essentially means the middle of nowhere), and built and ran a lodge there, and also had 80 dogs and ran dog mushing (sled dogs for those of you who don't know the terminology), on which their is even a movie on the discovery channel about them (yes, we're friends with celebrities). They also flew float planes, and seemed to really do everything the old fashioned way. They have also been cruising from somewhere around 15 years, leaving their boat in the Sea of Cortez while they went back and ran their lodge half the year. New thought doing something like this for a year was crazy and exciting, they've been at it most of their lives!

That night we took Taiga out for dinner on the town as a great big thank you. The string that we pull on our generator has broken (twice), and now the spring is also broken, making it a matter of days before we lose the ability to get it started. 7 hours later, after John and Jack have taken it apart and put it back together about 5 times, it's as good as new. Considering John was planning on buying a new one since he thought this one was a goner, a dinner was the least we could do. We had a delicious dinner on the Malec√≥n in Vieques to celebrate. 

Two bays over from us, in Mosquito Bay is a bioluminescent bay. John and I (and Dexter too!), took the dinghy over there at night to check it out. Unfortunately there were some ocean sized waves (considering we ventured into the ocean and all), and we were in a dinghy sized boat, so the waves seemed extra big, and it was dark. John got very nervous and wanted to turn back-but we were almost there, and since I wasn't scared, he figured he'd better buck up (that huge wave really just helped us get there faster-it was just like we were on a two person surf board!).

We made it in, and turned off the engine and rowed around, eavesdropping on the kayak tours. It seems we didn't hit the best night, and it was only at 50% bioluminescing (it depends on the moon, and there wasn't one). But you could still see when you dipped the paddle or your hand in, it was all sparkly. I felt like Micky Mouse in fantasia, and my hand was my magic wand! When we left, we had much brighter, glowing things shooting out from under us which was really neat. And don't worry, we made it back safe and sound, though it may have shaved 5 years off Johns life.

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The malecon 
Riding a horse in the middle of the street like its your bike-I can get, but whats up with the shirt?

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