Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Shopping Spree in Fajardo

We are now in the city of Fajardo in Puerto Rico, which caters to cruisers shopping wise, but there's not a lot you can do or get to by foot. Which is the main reason why we're here-we are unfortunately in need of new batteries, as ours are no longer with us, making having light, or any power on the boat after 4pm impossible. They just opened a West Marine here a few days before we arrived (John was disappointed he missed the opening with the free hotdogs). We have also rejoined with our friends on Rêve D'océan who are staying in a marina here while their family visits.

Look what was attached to our anchor-treasure!
In West Marine-check out my bum knee!
We took a taxi to do some shopping, but first stopped at McDonalds for breakfast (we miss our egg mcmuffins!), only to find that egg mcmuffins don't exist here! They have very strange options, including a breakfast happy meal. I ended up getting a giant breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and weird toast-all for $4! So much food, I couldn't finish it.

John spent what seemed like several decades in Walmart, while Dexter and I waited outside. He came out with two batteries. He then went to the autozone store, where he thought he found better batteries, so he returned the other ones to Walmart, then went back to the get better ones. He then comes back to me (who is sitting patiently in the heat), with a sheepish look on his face, saying he misread something, and actually the ones at Walmart are better. In the end, we now have new batteries, and an infinite amount of power!!! And that's what matters. 

What I really didn't understand, was that, while waiting for John outside, on the sidewalk of the strip mall, I had a security guy come up and tell me that I wasn't allowed there with my dog. After asking him if I wasn't allowed outside on the sidewalk with my dog, where was I allowed-he told me that he had to stay in the parking lot, without putting ourselves in danger. I told him that would be a challenge, since cars were whizzing by within feet of us, but he told me it was an order. So then, Dexter and I waited for John in the parking lot. The funny thing is, I took Dexter into all of the stores except for Walmart, and the salespeople loved him. Also, there's a giant pet store there too. Apparently this outdoor plaza has a list of 22 rules that need to be followed. Intense.

After a long day of shopping, we celebrated Marie-France's birthday on Rêve D'océan with a coconut cake I made and some much needed wine!
Happy Birthday!

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