Thursday, April 24, 2014

Saying Goodbye to the DR

I'm a bit behind in my posts since we were without internet for a while, and we are currently back in the Bahamas, but here's my last post about the DR!

Back at the beautiful Puerto Bahia Marina in Samana, making our way north, but we had to stop and fix our sail. On our way here we got pretty beat up by the wind and waves, and while trying to furl in the front sail it folded back over itself and couldn't all go in. We tried many times to unfurl and the pull it in again, but it wouldn't work, it was all knotted and messed up. Luckily we met Dana and Jeff on a beautiful catamaran, who had a lot of experience. She's been sailing (often solo-Jeff was just visiting), for about 20 years, probably more. So we winched John up the fore stay (what the front sail is wrapped around), and he unwrapped it. But something was also messed up with the furling line (the line that you pull to bring the sail in), and we had to manually wrap it around the furler (31 times by the way), and we did this at 2am, because the wind was too strong to do it earlier. So that was super fun, but needed to be done.

Drinks Jeff and Dana
up he goes!
We also met a young French couple Pauline & Vincent on a 33' boat called Cricket. We were incredibly impressed with them, they're even younger than us and they did a 16 day passage to cross the Atlantic. That really made our passages look wimpy!
Me, Dex and Pauline

Vincent & John
We went into town with Jeff and Dana, Dexter bolted out of the bus when he saw a dog and ran across two streets, narrowly missing death several times, giving me a heart attack and shortening my life by a few years, all because he wanted to see another dog. That was our excitement for the day. Also when we went into the market there was a man sitting at the entrance. What I didn't see was the rooster sitting at his feet, and when I walked by with Dexter, he nearly lost an eye, but the man stepped on him to stop him just in time. So many near-fatal experiences for Dexter, sometimes I worry that I'm shaving 10 years off his life with this trip, he's seen more in the past 8 months than most dogs see in their lifetime!
Mini van?


Motoconcho ride
We enjoyed a few more swims, a few more happy hours and soaked up as much of the Latin culture as we could before making the big jump back to the Bahamas. 

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