Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Los Haitises

Back in Samana in the DR, the one thing we didn't get to do, that I really wanted to do was go to their parque nacional Los Haitises. It's a protected, ecological paradise, with caves with pictographs from the Taino (indigenous) people. It's only 10 miles from the Puerto Bahia Marina that we were back at in Samana, and we went and anchored there for the night.

We anchored in a quiet little anchorage surrounded by big rock/caves and quite simply, nature. We were the only sign of human life, it was unbelievably peaceful and pristine. 

We took the dinghy through the watery trails of mangroves, that made a canopy over us. It was amazing and impossible to describe, but I'll try. It was a winding swampy trail, lined on either side of us with mangroves, with their endless roots, reflecting in the water, and so many different kinds of birds chirping and buzzing around. I think I probably took about 300 pictures just of these trees.
Lovin' it!

We went into the caves, still no sign of life, Dexter did his best to keep up and climb to the top. He really looked like a little lion cub! We then took the dinghy further down the island, through another trail of mangroves and found what life lived on the island. We walked down a trail to a lodge (after declining a ride on a motorcycle, the thought I could hold Dexter in one arm and hold on with the other, they obviously think I'm far more coordinated than I am). 

We had a bite to eat at the restaurant at the lodge, with horses, ducks, cows and many other animals leisurely walking around. And I jumped into one of the fresh water pools, which was such a relief, the Caribbean weather is really starting to kick in.
Im not sure what these guys were, but they were really loud!

I really enjoy the horses grazing in the background
On the walk back, John had to pick Dexter up to save him from a bull that appeared to get quite aggravated from his presence (I think Dexter was flirting with the lady cows), and he made quite a fuss and a lot of mooing. Luckily we made it out safely, and enjoyed a quiet night anchored with a beautiful moon.
True love
Phew! Made it out ok!

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