Thursday, April 10, 2014

El Yunque

While in Fajardo it was a must do for me to visit El Yunque, which is an amazing natural rainforest in Puerto Rico. John decided to stay back and do stuff on the boat, so I joined the family on Rêve D'océan and we all piled into their van. 

El Yunque consists of 28,000 of acres of rain forest, with 240 native tree species, 23 found only there. And it was truly breathtaking. Everyone warns you to bring a poncho since it rains all the time, but we got lucky.

A nice thing about El Yunque is that you can drive and stop at most of the places, without having to do too much walking, so that even those less physically capable don't have to miss it. However, to see La Mina waterfall (the biggest), it's a good 30-40 min hike down and then back up.

The waterfall itself, is very beautiful, but freezing cold! It's about 15 degrees Celsius, which doesn't sound so bad (especially for those of you still enduring winter), but pools are usually kept around 25 degrees. I was the only one who braved it, though I was hoping just to be up to my waist, take a picture, then get out. But unfortunately it didn't happen that way. While waiting for a woman to move so I could stand on the rock she was standing on (essentially the picture rock), I slipped and was suddenly up to my chin in the freezing water. Then, the woman's friend's boyfriend proposed to her(on the dry ground), and she was freaking out (and clearly going nowhere), so I stood in the freezing cold water (I slipped another couple times, just for fun, because everyone knows how much I love the cold!), before this woman finally got over her excitement, finally finished complaining about her own crappy proposal, and how her man still doesn't know how to keep her happy (it was really awkward to be a part of this), and moved. Needless to say, I was refreshed.

We made the hike back up, and decided we were pooped, so we went and picked up John and went to Pizza Hut-haven't been there in about 15 years, nothing like good old fashioned American pizza in an exotic country!

What you can't see is that I'm slowly getting frost bitten

Marie-France & Xavier
Reve D'ocean

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  1. Wow! What amazing things you're seeing! And doing!