Saturday, March 01, 2014

VIP Treatment

We finally met up with my parents who had spontaneously decided to become members with the resort (not really sure what it entails), but it got John and I free VIP bracelets to the resort, and the other 5 resorts attached to it. So we get access to the exclusive VIP beaches and restaurants, which there are so many of, it becomes overwhelming! I think that what I am most excited for is that I won't have to cook for a whole week! And for all the delicious (free!) food and drinks. This is perfect timing as well, because we have come dangerously low to our food reservoir, the last time we were able to get groceries was in George Town, almost a month ago. Since we weren't able to go to shore in the Turks so we couldn't re-provision there. I made many meals using only things from cans! A new skill!

So now we are living in the lap of luxury, and visiting with my parents. Going to fancy restaurants, where I can order whatever I want (because everything's free!), lying in a canopy bed on the beach, while I'm being brought piƱa coladas all day long (because it's free!), enjoying the breakfast buffet and snacking on sushi and ice cream. Have I mentioned that everything is free?! We thought we had it good being able to tie up to the abandoned marina at Rum Cay! We are being so spoiled, and loving it!
Reuniting at the marina
Just a small part of the giant resort

No this is not our secret honeymoon

Me and Mom, drinking Coco Locos

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