Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Santa Barbara de Samana

We are very much enjoying it in Samana. Besides the fact that the marina is beautiful (and only $1 a foot!) with 3 swimming pools! The town is also very colourful. We went to town (on the free taxi ride that the marina gives us!) with Reve D'Ocean, and besides getting contantly harassed by everyone to take their tour, or buy their stuff etc, it was a great town. Dexter had a bit of a showdown, it was like all the street dogs smelled new blood, and before he new it, he was surrounded.

We went for lunch in a little restaurant (which had no problem with Dexter joining us) and enjoyed some more of the town, before taking a ride bake in a motoconcho (also with Dexter). At first when I ask the guy how much it will cost, he tells me $20US. Then I ask how many pesos, and he tells me what breaks down to $5 US. They always seem to try to scam the ignorant American, I guess its worth a try! 

And now many many photos!

Someone got himself in a mess

Dexter has become good friends with the kids from Reve D'ocean

The motoconchos

The market

This is where I go to get my iPhone

The jam-packed hard wear store

A Dominican Tom Sawyer
Taking a bumpy ride home

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