Monday, March 10, 2014

Puerto Bahia in Samana

We've arrived in the city of Samana in the DR, after a 130 mile passage. So far our longest one yet, but it only took us 27 hrs (that's definitely not short, but we thought it would take us longer). We had only been on our way about 20 mins when we saw 2 whales jumping and spraying water, which was a great way to start the journey.

The passage went pretty smoothly, not quite as good as it was going to Puerto Plata, we did have a few tacks to do. In the early morning, John was downstairs sleeping while I was keeping watch. The wind had almost completely died and we were coming close to land and had to maneuver in between 2 islands. So I pulled in the front sail since it was flapping all around and tightened the main as much as I could (it's impossible to take it down without someone taking the wheel), and handled the boat between the islands and around the large amount of boat traffic. John came up, not realizing we were almost there, and that I had done everything already by myself, and got sad and said "you don't need me anymore!" Seems that my independence made John feel useless. But I assured him that he is still stronger than me.

We arrived at the beautiful Puerto Bahia marina in Samana,  with the boats Little Wing and Dover Mist that we met in Puerto Plata, and were happy to see our friends from Reve D'Ocean were still here and slid into the slip beside them. We had to check in again with the Navy (after you leave any port, you need to do a despacho, or check out and then check in at the next port with the navy). We are excited to  explore Samana, and are debating whether or not we will go to Puerto Rico or not (I say yes!).

Yes, this boats name is GO HABS, yes, they are from Montreal
We had no idea how mountainous the Dominican Republic was
Goodbye Ocean World Marina

Just hanging out in the infinity pool that goes to the ocean
If you look closely, you might see a whale jumping in the distance!

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