Friday, March 21, 2014

United States of Ponce

We decided to leave for Ponce right away, and left without Rêve D'océan since we are running out of days before we unfortunately have to turn around and start the journey home (though it seems such a shame since we are so close to all the little, beautiful Virgin Islands!). So we sailed the 50 miles to Ponce in 8 hours, in nice calm water. I have been so lucky, I have not been sea sick since we arrived in the Turks and Caicos, which is amazing, since we have been doing very long passages, but have been so lucky with weather (knock on wood!), and it really makes everything so much more pleasurable. 
We hit 3000 miles on the odometer!
The beautiful ship was following us
The anchorage in Ponce is not exactly what you would call scenic. Our surroundings are very industrial, think construction. There isn't much near us in walking distance, but we did find some local fishermen who sold us some red snapper, $5 per lb, which is about 1/3 of the price you could buy it in Canada. We also made friends with a very nice Puerto Rican named George who kindly offered to drive us to get our propane tank filled (we had been out for a while, and were running out of things to eat that didn't need to be cooked). So far we are enjoying the Puerto Rican hospitality.
Topanga in the beautiful anchorage

Cutest little boat ever
Very strange fish, in which there is an abundance swarming around the fishing station

 We also have yet to see the actual charms of the city, though we did see the American side of it. It seems like this is what America would be like if no one spoke English. We took a taxi with the boat Dover Mists to a Walmart which was next to a Radio Shack, which was next to a Home Depot, etc.  The Walmart was incredibly busy (especially for a Wednesday), and some of the items I had to ask for, since they were kept in odd places. But other than that, it was the same Walmart. Except of course the ransom horses wandering free in the parking lot, with absolutely no one around, just eating the grass. The McDonalds in the Walmart, I was disappointed to find, did not have milkshakes (I don't know why, but I've really been craving one!), and the McFlurries are just vanilla ice cream with some toppings dumped on top. But I was still happy, ice cream is ice cream!
I guess he needed something at Walmart
Are they lost?

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