Monday, March 24, 2014

Ponce de Leon

While in Ponce, John and I decided to check out the Plaza Del Caribe, which is one of the nicest shopping malls I have ever been in. They had a big food court with one of the funniest restaurants, called Hot Potato, which has any and every kind of baked potato imaginable, what an original idea for a restaurant! 

John wanted to buy new boat shoes, and 3 hrs and 6 stores later, he finally made a decision and ended up choosing a pair that he was offended when I first suggested it to him, apparently they grew on him. Needless to say, I was exhausted after shopping, and am happy to wait a while before doing it again. 

Our friends on Rêve D'océan joined us in Ponce and we went to the city centre together.  It was much nicer than the part of the city that was surrounding the anchorage. We went into the old fire station, walked around looking at the old Spanish architecture, and John and I even went to their art museum, which was quite impressive, with some well known European  painters as well as Puertorican artists. The city centre is also covered with 15 lions, painted all different ways by Puertorican artists, which reminded me of the polar bears that are scattered throughout Winnipeg.

We had an amazing dinner of Wahoo, courtesy of a neighbouring boat who caught too big of a fish and had to get rid of some (don't you hate when that happens!).

This is real!
This is the famous statue in the food court
Some kids learning to sail
One of the many lions
I swear we didn't plan the outfit coordination!
The old fire station

Quinceanero time!

Some photographs of Puertoricans in the art museum

nothing like the American influence
They even had this painting by Rosetti

And some by Burnes-Jones
The most beautiful caterpillar

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