Monday, March 03, 2014

Ocean World Marina

We have been staying at Ocean World Marina in Puerto Plata, which is pretty close to a resort, or adventure park of some sort. It's jam packed with a pool, terrace and bar, restaurant, casino and disco. Not to mention the water park with mini sea world attached to it. We are uncomfortably close to the show-and we are as far away as was possible to dock from it, and every day without fail at 11:00 and 3:00 we hear "Who Let the Dogs Out", which lets us know that the sea lion show is in session.

My parents, being recent VIP members of the resort, got us free tickets to the show. I will say that it was not nearly as bad as I was excepting (the music was though, but I was well aware of that from before). I was expecting a very crappy version of Sea World (which I'm not a huge fan of), and it was quite entertaining. Maybe because it's not a chain, and they seem to generally enjoy and care for them animals that it puts my conscious a bit at ease, or maybe I'm just choosing to see it that way. But I enjoyed everything but the shark show (really, what can nurse sharks do? Nothing, that's what). The bird show was very impressive, and the tricks the dolphins could do we're amazing, and the sea lions are hilarious (did you know they could break dance?!), all in all, this showed me how intelligent these animals are. So I chose to be a kid again, and enjoy it!

John and I also went to the casino here with a couple other boats from Quebec. John thought I was lucky and convinced me to play the blackjack table with $20. I was up $35 (giving me a total of $55) before losing it all. I never said I was lucky!

The view from the resort
Very creepy mermen
The casino
poor nurse shark

Having a blast

You definitely dont see that in the wild

His expression-hilarious, her expression-priceless

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  1. Great pictures! Hey, wait a minute! I think I took a lot of these! They look even better than I thought they would! Too bad you lost. You've got to know when to fold them, I guess.

    Winnipeg John