Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Isla Caja de Muertes

As we were getting ready to leave Ponce for Isla Caja de Muertes (which means coffin island, though I don't really think it looks much like a coffin), we were delayed as we noticed a big 44' catamaran that was anchored far ahead of us, was suddenly our neighbor. Then it was a mere 3 feet from us. Not only did we not want to let the boat crash into the industrial structures that it was headed for, we also could not have been able to pull our anchor up without getting tangled in theirs that was dragging across the ocean floor.

We tried calling them on the radio, but no answer. John went over in the dinghy to see if there was anything he could do. Just in time the owners made it back to the boat before they crashed. Needless to say, we were eager to get out of that anchorage.

Isla Caja de Muertes was only about 6 miles away, but we did 11 to get there. The wind was stronger than we thought (an average of 23 knots, with gusts up to 30), and the waves much bigger. We had decided to tow our dinghy, thinking it would only take us an hour. We were wrong, and were very lucky that the dinghy made it over ok, but part of one of the tow lines snapped along the way, we were definitely lucky!

We anchored next to Rêve D'océan and took a bottle of wine to the beach to relax and swim in the beautiful blue water. It has been a while (since the Turks and Caicos), that we've really seen beautiful beaches. I really enjoy the rich culture and people in the Dominican and Puerto Rico, but the beaches and water of the Bahamas are far more beautiful. 

We watched a beautiful sunset and full moon before going to bed early, first thing in the morning is the passage to Salinas. 

A bit too close for comfort
Even closer
Yep, definitely too close!
Uh oh
On Isla Caja de Muertes

There we are!

I think Dexter missed the beach too!

Did anyone know that John had a thing for Hermione?
Someones comfy

Does this look like a coffin to anyone?

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