Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello Puerto Rico!

We had quite a nice sail to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. It's was 150 miles (our longest run yet), but managed to do it in the same time it took us to do 120 miles (27 hrs), only have to tack twice. I think having all the barnacles scrubbed off our hull gave us at least half a knot of speed.

Early on, we received a call on the radio from Rêve D'océan, warning us that a whale was headed our way. I was down below taking a nap, and ran upstairs, and froze. There was a huge whale, that looked like it was really coming for us. I had a minor freak out (which I'm pretty sure the whale heard, since it then turned to escape) before grabbing my camera. They are massive, and it's hard to tell where they end or begin.
Reve D'ocean and the whales!
When we arrived at Mayaguez, the boat Dover Mists was there, and told us that the customs people said they would be there in a few hours. But also that we had to call first to check in. The issue with that is that we don't have a phone. So John and Dominic went to shore to speak with the customs officers, who insisted that they had to call first. So they called customs, from the customs office-seems like a skewed system, but it all worked out in the end. 

It wasn't the greatest anchorage, so the next morning, we sailed the short distance to Boqueron.  On land at Boqueron, the town was pretty much completely shut down. It is apparently a beach party town, and therefor is only alive from Thursday to Sunday. We still had a nice walk around town, and began to check out the sights or Puerto Rico.

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