Friday, March 07, 2014

Goodbye parents

After many more meals and many more piƱa coladas, my parents have gone back to the freezing cold of Winnipeg (seriously, like -50 cold, not even funny!). The resort is actually 5 resorts put together, which I find to be somewhat overwhelming, many beaches (with beautiful canopy beds-some of them swing!), Dexter even enjoyed the beach with us, and made some Dominican friends! 

We were also very lucky that my parents got us some very important things on our list that we needed, most importantly a Y-valve for the toilet. Once my parents left, it was time to actually do some work. Luckily there was a pump out at the marina, and after we pumped out, installed the Y-valve, so now we think (at least we hope!) that we are now pumping out to the ocean, hooray!

Since we still have our VIP wristbands, we may or may not have returned to the resort for some last meals, and some last swims in the pool! We are not ones to turn down free food!

And now some last photos to make you jealous!

Pre dinner drinks
For the record, I did not tell them to make this expression, it comes naturally
Going out for a 5 star dinner
And we're super excited about it!
I'm not sure why this happened-too many pina coladas
Just one of the many pools
Dexters new friend
Beach bum

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