Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dexter Does Samana

Dexter made great friends with a Siberian husky named Gaelan (yes they're Scottish), and was very happy to have many play dates with him. He does not seem to realize that there is quite a difference in size between him. I actually think that he may believe he is the larger of the two. He is quite in denial of his shortcomings, and does not give up!

Dexter's on fire

Dexter also got a house call from the vet in Samana. I hadn't had Dexter checked or anything in around 4 months since we were in the states. Usually in Canada he only sees the vet once or twice a year for shots, but because we planned on heading to Puerto Rico, and they require a more updated certificate (and in case when we go back to the DR or the Bahamas and they actually ask to see one) I thought I should have a more recent one. The vet was kind enough to come to me at the marina, and did the visit aboard Topanga. I am proud to say that I conducted the entire thing in Spanish (not that I had much of a choice!), and it was definitely cheaper than in the US. 

Dexter also made friends with Nelson, the man who (after incessantly asking, day after day) cleaned the bottom of our boat, and the deck etc (for a very reasonable price I might add). 
Nelson hard at work
He also had a day of fun in the pool with the boys from Rêve D'océan. He went for a cool down in the water, and also went for a ride on an inner tube. Im sure he loved every minute of it!

Back to safety

We've really enjoyed our time here at this first class marina, with cheap prices, and an amazing manager Delphine, who really goes out of her way for you-she even has a cocktails meet and greet for all the cruisers every week! Before taking off to Puerto Rico, we enjoyed some happy your drinks as the sun set, while watching some whales jumping in the background, does it get any more perfect than that?

Nothing like finding this beside you
Out for dinner with Reve D'ocean
Talking navigation during happy hour
Nicest marina ever
Somewhat creepy and morbid looking...but nonetheless creative!
Does this look comfy?

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