Friday, March 28, 2014

Dexter and I have a Scare

Dexter and I both came into some unfortunate situations, Dexter, luckily, came out unscathed. I on the other hand, was not quite as lucky. I'll start with Dexters scare.

Dexter was nearing some wild horses, and one of the horse took quite an interest to him. It was actually very quite, the horse approached him and they were touching noses, some might even say they were kissing. It was Romeo and Juliette, the beautiful horse with the scruffy dog from the wrong side of the island (aka the water). Juliette left, wanting to leave a little to Romeo's imagination, but he was not finished with her. Kissing wasn't enough, so he went up to take a sniff of her behind, and she was having none of it. She gave it to him, with a mighty kick, luckily, his reflexes were quick enough just to miss the blow. The moral of this story-Dexter, don't get fresh-no means no.

Mine is much less romantic, and slightly more dangerous. I was cooking dinner as usual. I lit the oven. I went back to check on it and noticed that it had gone out so I went to re-light it, and KABOOM! A giant fireball flew out at me. I literally thought I was on fire (apparently I wasn't). Luckily I am ok, minus my now non-existentent eyelashes, arm hair and singed hair. My hand and arm hurt like crazy for 2 days, but the burns were apparently sub dermal so no permanent damage (right?). So now John will give me a break in the kitchen and take over for a while (yeah right!).

The next day we were walking and I tripped and fell really hard on my knee. I'd like to blame Dexter, and say that he was pulling me and so I fell, but really I think that my feet are actually too big, is this a problem easily fixed? So now I have a giant scrape on my knee (which weirdly actually hurts more than the burn), and look like a child with a big band-aid. So I'm not feeling super attractive these days, with my bum knee, singed hair, arms and eyelashes, good thing I'm on a boat and away from public viewing!

Never walk behind a horse!         
Love at first sniff
Dexter pushed his luck!

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