Sunday, March 09, 2014


February 27th was the Dominican Republics independence day and carnival. John, Dexter and I went to check it out. Our taxi driver who took us there wanted to park and wait for us, I said, don't worry, when we're done we'll come back and if you're here then we'll go with you. He insisted that he actually come with us, and show us a nice restaurant and the town (on foot, not by car), so I finally had to insist that we were ok by ourselves, and we would call him when we were done, they are quite persistent!

We arrived at the Malecon (the main street) and everyone was in very colorful, and creative costumes. Not quite what I envisioned from seeing pictures from my friend in Trinidad, or even the one I went to in Mexico. There was definitely a lot more material, and some really scary costumes (Golem and frankenstein?). I can't imagine how hot and uncomfortable they must've been in all that material and that heat!

Everyone dressed up, generally in groups, all have time to perform on the stage, where there's a panel of judges.  We walked to a different part, which seemed to be more of a kids area, where we saw the scariest looking Dora the Explorar, dancing with Mickey and Minnie and some Dominicans.
I just realized that this post never published for some reason-so here it is, better late than never!

It was very colourful, crowded, with loud music, and people were very confused to see us weaving in and out with a dog-on a leash. We were definitely the only ones. All the boys were running around with these big balls on strings, smacking any girls bum. I was very careful to stay clear of them, it's a good thing I had my guard dog.

John and I tried some Dominican food, like sugar cane, which you don't really eat, you suck the juices out of. It's very different, sweet, not bad, but different (and cheap-50 cents, everything was!). We also tried a strange cheese and corn empanada, a homemade snow cone type thing (my personal favourite), John also had a hotdog, and I had popcorn.

All in all, a fun, colourful, delicious Dominican experience, with many pictures! And now, off to Samana!

Yes thats Shrek-and a real Donkey

Most angular Dora the explorer!

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