Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Grouper that Fed 10

 So we have been spear fishing quite a few times now (basically go snorkeling/diving with a spear/Bahamian sling), and haven't caught a fish big enough to feed 2 people, but we're not giving up! We thought that Rum Cay would be an easier place to find fish and lobster because it's less visited than the northern islands in the Bahamas, but we weren't seeing too much.

But this time the big grouper didn't get away. Maxime from Angelica managed to catch a 16 pound grouper (that's how much Dexter weighs!). Though he said he hesitated, and was a bit scared, because it's a big fish, and if it didn't die when he speared it, he cold be in trouble. Also because once the sharks smell blood, they move quickly, and Trevor already had a run-in with a Bull shark in the same area. Luckily the shot went to the brain and he died instantly.

After filleting the monster, Maxime fed the head and guts to the sharks that lurk under our boats here. It was like a battle the way they went after it, attacking each other, some of them were almost entirely out of the water, you could see their whole face and open mouthes trying to get a bite. It scared the crap out of Dexter!

We celebrated by having a big potluck with everyone on the picnic table that's outside here, and had the most delicious meal any of us have had in a while! 
Ready with the spears
John on the hunt
Little fishes
The grouper is bigger than Alexia!

Dexter's not too sure about him
Come and get it sharks

Noah helping me make dinner

The feast
The family of Angelica

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