Monday, February 17, 2014

Road to Mayaguana

After a 24 hr passage, we arrive in Atwood harbour, which was a beautiful protected anchorage with a beautiful beach. The Knotty Bouys made it just before the sun set and rafter up their little 26 footer next to us. There we met a few boats we had met a while back in Florida who were continuing as far as they could in the Caribbean. They were leaving the next morning and invited us to join them, but the weather wasn't great and we would be motoring for most of them, which isn't a problem for them since they have bigger boats and 54 horse power engines, but our 27 horsepower wouldn't keep up. 
This was so worth the effort of blowing it up!
John doing his best to relax
They did show us where the best spot for spear fishing was, and it was beautiful coral and lots of colourful fish. We caught three big ones, a grouper, a snapper, and an unknown brown fish. We ate like kings that night!
A smorgasbord of fish
We departed for another night time passage to Mayaguana, but we had to stop and re-anchor because the engine sounded funny and there was no water coming out. Turns out the the impeller for the water filter had broken, but luckily John was able to fix it and we were on our way once more.

On the radio we heard some serious trash talk between 2 boats. The conversation went something like this: 

Boat 1: Boat anchored in Atwood harbour, switch to channel 17?
Boat 2: No
Boat 1: Ok, move to channel 18?
Boat 2: Why? What do you want?
Boat1: Um, just wanted to let you know that it's Bahamian law to have an anchor light on at night
Boat 2: I don't care
Boat 1: You must be French 
Boat 2: You must be stupid
Boat 1: Yep, definitely French 

John and I were shocked! This was broadcast on channel 16, the emergency channel that everyone monitors!

We have arrived safely in Mayaguana, and are briefly exploring the island before we hit the road again.. 
Us and Knotty Bouys anchored in the distance
Checking out the merchandise from the fishermen

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