Monday, February 24, 2014

Puerto Plata

We left for Puerto Plata at 4am, expecting it would take us around 25 hrs to do 90 miles, and we would arrive at day break. It ended up taking us 7 hrs less, having what has probably been our best sail yet. We stayed on one tack the whole way, we were flying, going between 4.5-6 knots, with the engine off, using only the power of the wind. The only downside to this was that we had to enter into the marina we were staying at (there are no anchorages there) in the middle of the night.

Luckily the marina was well marked, and besides a very close call with a guy snorkeling in the marina (who goes snorkeling in a marina-in the middle if the night?!), we managed to safely tie up to the dock by ourselves.

We are staying at the Ocean World Marina in Puerto Plata, where there are also another couple of québécois boats here as well (they're everywhere!). The marina is kind of like a resort, with a casino, pool, restaurants, club, dolphin show and marine park (we can hear the show from our boat), showers (finally!) and had pretty good prices. It's the first real marina we've seen since Nassau. It is also the only place that we have found with a pump out since Florida, which we are sooooo happy about.

In the morning we had 4 people come to our boat from the marina and navy etc to check in with immigration. It was so easy and they didn't even acknowledge Dexter (which was good since I'm not sure I had everything needed to bring him in!). I would definitely recommend going to the marina, if only for a night to have a quick and easy check in.

So now it's time to brush up on my Spanish. I used to be completely fluent when I lived in Mexico, but that was 5 yrs ago, and now I keep mixing it up with French. But hopefully after a few cocktails it will all come back to me!

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