Sunday, February 23, 2014

Passing Through the Turks and Caicos

We have made it in good time to Puerto Plata in the DR, though it was a long journey. We went from Mayaguana in the Bahamas to Providenciales in TCI, then to another anchorage 60 miles away called Six Hills Cay, then another 60 miles to Big Sand Cay, where we decided to take a short break before making the run to Puerto Plata.

Several boats that we met along the way were making one run from Providenciales to Puerto Plata straight. That's about 220 miles. That's a lot. We're trying to be leisurely sailors, so that went against our beliefs, so we opted to take a bit more time, especially since we were still tired from the run from Bahamas to Turks.

We stopped for a couple days in Big Sand Cay to recuperate, and we were very happy we did. It is currently humpback mating season, and on the way there John got excited because he thought he saw a dolphin. I looked over and realized that was either a dolphin with a serious obesity problem, or it was a whale. Then as we were sitting outside at anchor, enjoying the sunset, we saw whales breaching beneath the sun. Does it get any better than that?
Not the best pic of the whale, but you get the idea
One of the many amazing sunsets
A beautiful full moon
After traveling with other boats for the past few months, meeting lots of new and amazing people, and doing a lot of socializing, it was nice to have some time alone (especially before the hoopla of the Dominican and my parents!). We were completely alone in the beautiful anchorage of Big Sand Cay. No one in sight-except the whales! The water was so blue, and so clear, even more so than the Bahamas. And the bottom was only sand. We could see our anchor chain as clearly as if there was no water. And we saw some of the most beautiful sunsets. 

The last day however, John went to dive on the anchor and had a run in with a barracuda, which I could see crystal clear in the water. But he was the only sea life there, so I think that maybe he was lost.

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