Thursday, February 13, 2014

Goodbye Rum Cay

John finally caught a lobster! Well a rock lobster, but still a lobster. We had gone out spear fishing that afternoon and found nothing. Then John went again later with Victor, a man who's been living there on his boat for 12 years-so he knows his stuff. John came back with a rock lobster and a few smaller grouper and snappers. But we finally had a whole meal that we caught ourselves! Now we have to keep on this track!
Catch of the day!
Filleting the fishies
Rock lobster tail
Dexter had a bit of an altercation with the owner of the marinas girlfriends dog. She came by with her pack of wolves (aka 2 big dogs and a goat). Dexter ran to go play with them and one of the dogs grabbed him in his mouth and shook him around. Luckily Dexter made it out okay, poor guy was shaken up though! The owner tells me he's not friendly with other dogs. The kids went running after the goat and the goat freaked out, and she said the goat is scared of children. I'm just wondering why these unfriendly animals are not on a leash when coming to the marina....and also why she has a goat...
The goat running away from Alexia
Dexter was getting pretty hot in the heat so I gave him a serious hair cut on the beach, and I did for John (Johns didn't go as well as Dexters, so I won't put a picture of it!).
Haircut on the beach
A real salty dog
Now he only has half a fur coat
We decided it was time to keep going, especially since everything was closed in town because they ran out of beer (this is no joke, the town becomes a ghost town until the mailboat comes with more beer, and the mailboat hadn't come in 2 weeks!) .Since it was our last night before we all head out, some of us going different ways, we had a big potluck dinner on Brin de Folie. 


  1. Its good to see such an amazing meal you had and enjoying the lobster. You posts are full of entertainment and I like them very much. Your kids and dog are pretty cute and adorable.

  2. So you and your family had a good time on the beach. I like the food you cooked and the pet dog he is so cute. Its a good time spending idea.