Friday, February 21, 2014

Goodbye Bahamas

My parents have been wanting to take a vacation, and wanted to go somewhere we might be so we could see each other. But our plans are never set in stone, and having a schedule on a boat is dangerous as John says, and we had no idea whether we would venture further than the Bahamas or not, so it was hard to tell me parents where to meet us. So they booked a last minute trip to the Dominican Republic, while we were still in the Bahamas. So basically we've had to book it over there. 

In Mayaguana, we looked at our calendar and the distance we needed to travel and realized that we should leave ASAP in order to make it all the way to the DR in time. Thus we left the Knotty Bouys and were flying solo again for the first time since November.

Since we left last minute, I did not have time to put the sea-sickness patch on (it needs to be put on 12 hrs in advance). I thought I would be fine, and was actually starting to think that maybe the patch wasn't that affective, and maybe the side affects from it were worse than the sea-sickness. I was so so terribly wrong. That day (or rather those 17 hrs that it took us from Mayaguana to Providenciales) was the worst I have ever felt. It was essentially like having the stomach flu. So the patch it is from now on, at least now I know.

Stopping in the Turks and Caicos requires that you pay $100 at immigration for 7 days. Since we didn't have much time to actually stop and visit the Turks, we decided it was not worth our while to check in. And so we did not put up the quarantine flag (in order not to be noticed, because they would most likely come to our boat), and so we are doing our best to fly under the radar and will hopefully have time to stop on our way back up.

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