Monday, February 10, 2014

Going Nuts for Coconuts

We're still enjoying ourselves in Rum Cay, the weather has been beautiful, and the luxury of being so close to land is nice. We've explored more of the marina, and have gone up on the roof for a spectacular view. 

Tina from Brin de Folie went into town and was chased by dogs and got bit pretty bad. It was really scary, and makes me a bit weary of going back into town. John says we need to bring pepper spray when we go in. Luckily there's a clinic here, and they helped her out a lot. 

We did go into the town on our bikes, and met Dolores, the 82 year old owner of the bar here, who is legendary in Rum Cay for her hospitality and efforts in tourism. She's also famous for always being high as a kite! She was very nice, and looked pretty good for 82! Her bar is pretty, neat, the floor on the inside is covered in sand, so it still feels like you're outside.

We have also discovered the many coconuts surrounding us on the trees. We have been eating the coconuts, drinking the milk, and even mixing it with some rum!

I must admit I'm enjoying being around kids, I didn't realize that I missed it so much. You can't help but smile when they smile, and Alexia and Noah are so cute (they don't speak English, but Noah tells me that he's anglophone, he's just often too tired to speak it apparently!). And they love Dexter! 

The view from above
Trevor stocking up on coconuts

Noah looking for coconuts 


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