Sunday, February 02, 2014

George Town, Long Island and a New Cruising Family

We have split off from our usual traveling group of Océane and Brin de Folie because we weren't ready to leave yet and have now formed a new cruising family of Angelica (a young couple with two young kids) and Wind Dance (a couple with a little boy). We left GeorgeTown together and anchored in Long Island beside a beautiful calm beach. We were happily reunited with Brin de Folie who had made their way to the anchorage beside us. The four of us travelled together to Rum Cay where there is an abandoned marina that allows you to tie up to the docks for free. There we were reunited with the Knotty Bouys (best name ever!) two young guys (18 & 19 yrs old) that we first met in Florida. So our family has grown, and we are enjoying the luxury of being safely tied up to a marina to wait for better weather for our next crossing.

Dinner with Isabelle & Pierre-Luc
Noah & Alexia from Angelica

Karine from Angelica cuddling with Dexter
Dexter making friends with the Conch shack guy

Feeding the rays
Karine & Alexia playing with Dexter
John & the kids playing in the water

Johns first fish
A new cruising family

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