Thursday, February 06, 2014

Exploring Rum Cay

We have been really enjoying our time at Rum Cay, safely tied up to a dock in these strong winds at the abandoned Sumner Point Marina. We went spear fishing and John caught his first fish (a small snapper) and Trevor from Knotty Bouys showed him how to filet it. It may have been very small, but was very tasty! We saw a huge grouper, but couldn't get him to come out of his hiding spot.

We had to say goodbye to Wind Dance because the draft of their boat is too deep to enter into the marina (7'2") and the only anchorage here is really unprotected, and the wind was strong and getting stronger, so we will meet them in the next stop.

We have been exploring the very small island of Rum Cay. There is a huge sand mountain beside the marina that is pretty cool (and fun for the kids to climb and slide down-tobogganing in your bathing suit!), but you have to be careful because there is one spot at the bottom that seems to be actual quick sand (not joking, I actually got a bit scared!). 

The marina has tons of neat sculptures all around the grounds, and looks like it was a really beautiful marina when it was up and running.

So looks like we're stuck here in paradise for a bit longer (so unlucky, I know!), but will take the time to do a few projects while we're here!

Mountain of sand
The abandoned marina
Trevor & Alex fron Knotty Bouys
Making navigation plans
Living the life
Fixing the front sail

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