Friday, January 17, 2014

Toilet Issues and How to do Your own Makeshift Pump-out

We are slowly making our way to Georgetown, where we were at first trying to speed to because we were having some toilet issues. A toilet on the boat is called a head, the stuff that goes into the toilet, goes into what's called a holding tank and then gets pumped out by a big sucky tube at a marina at what's called the pump-out station. Well in the Bahamas it is few and far between that u find a pump out station (and they charge $25). However, in the Bahamas it is legal to pump out into the ocean (at the three mile mark) and we thought we had the right part (a Y valve) to be able to make this switch, but turns out its been broken to be permanently on going into the tank instead of water (since its illegal in Canada) by the previous owner. Thus our tank is full, and when it's full, it's starts to come back up the toilet (and it's stinky!). This was the reason for speeding to Georgetown.

However, after speaking to several other boats, we discovered a way to do our own makeshift pump-out. While I drove the boat further out from land, John used a manual bilge pump (usually used to pump out water) to pump it out from the deck fitting (the hole of the deck that you suck it up out of) into the water. I could smell that it was working before I saw it, but then saw brown clouds passing me by in the water-sorry for the details!

So while it wasn't a complete clean out, it buys us some more time to make our way down a bit more slowly, and explore some of the smaller and quieter islands that the Exumas have to offer! 
A real pump-out machine
Don't worry, theres no gross pictures for this!

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